You Are Not Your Defect

In order to become God’s best version of you, you will have to discover who you are in Christ and humbly ask God to help you be that person.

 And this is what God does for so many. He does not change you—he changes the way you think—he transforms you by the renewing of your mind—and gives you a better way to think—because the bible says as a man thinks so he is.

 And if God can reshape your mind—you will still be you but your thought life will be different, your values are now God’s values, you love what God loves, you hate what God hates, you have a whole new way of thinking which always leads to a whole new way of living.

 It is God’s best version of you!!

 And it is in that new identity that God starts making transformational changes in your life. He makes the changes—you submit to the changes and stop playing God by trying to change on your own.

And the more you believe who God calls you, the more power you will have to be that best version of you that God created in the first place!!

 So who are you? Most people when asked that question will say what they do.

 What is your identity? How do you describe yourself to others? Have others shaped your identity? Have circumstances shaped your identity? Has your childhood shaped your identity?

 Have your trials in life shaped your identity? Of course they have, but here is the critical question, Have you confused your defects with your identity?

 This is a big problem because we often confuse our identity with our defects. You are not your defects. You are not your faults. You are not your sins.

They may be something you do but they are not your identity.

 In other words, a lot people, rather than saying “I work too much,” will say “I’m a workaholic!”  Or instead of saying “I have a tendency to put off and procrastinate,” will say “I’m lazy.”  You create it as an identity. 

 You are not your defects.  This, by the way, is the difference between Celebrate Recovery and something like Alcoholics Anonymous. 

 In AA meetings the person will stand up and they will say, “Hi!  I’m Joe and I’m an alcoholic.”  In other words they identify their identity with their defect. But at Celebrate Recovery we stand up and say, “Hi!  I’m Joe.  I’m a believer in Jesus Christ who is in recovery from alcohol.” 

You see the difference?  You are not your sin.  You are not your defect. 


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